1. Teams of service
The Terms and Conditions (the “T&C” or “Terms”) apply to the buyer of BOSSC and future user of the Spline PTE. LTD and constitute an agreement between BOSSC READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE MOVING ONTO THE TOKEN PRESALE AND SALE. THE T&C AFFECT YOUR OBLIGATIONS AND LEGAL RIGHTS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WAIVERS OF RIGHTS AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF SALE, DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE SALE OF THE Coin BOSSC is not an investment advice, a security nor an investment product and any action, notice, communication, message, decision, managerial act, or omission of the mentioned shall not be understood and interpreted as such. The company gives no guarantees as to the value of any of BOSSC explicitly warns users that there is no reason to believe that BOSSC will increase in value, and they might also decrease in value or lose their value entirely. You represent and warrant, that you are acquiring BOSSC your own personal use and for your personal utility and not for investment or financial purposes. You also represent and warrant that you do not consider BOSSC as a security and you understand that BOSSC may lose all their value and that you are not purchasing BOSSC as an investment and that you are aware of all other risks deriving from holding BOSSC as specified in these Terms and you accept them.the Company reserves the right to terminate its relationship with you and take any actions considered necessary or desirable for the Company to meet its legal and regulatory obligations; and such actions will be irrespective of any contribution that has been made by you to the Company and/or any other third party, and the Company is not required to provide reasons.Additionally, in each and every instance, we are unable to make refund.Thank you for your understanding.

2. Security
(a) security
At BOSSC, we work hard to provide both ease of use and the utmost security to our customers to offer an environment in which customers feel safe making Ethereum transactions.As a result of our focus on security, there are times this may translate into an in convenient user experience. We will attempt to explain BOSSC’s security policies below so that we can gain your understanding on this matter. ease send us your opinions, thoughts, or questions through the Contact page. Your feedback will be shared and discussed within the Spline development team so that we may improve our services.

(b) Network
Ensure communication security through the introduction of next-generation encryption systems and the highest strength encryption technology.

1.SSL Communication
To protect our customer’s personal information, Spline encrypts all customer related data communication. BOSSC uses higher strength encryption technology that major financial institutions in its communications with customers. TLS is applied to all connections to Spline, which are encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM. You can confirm that a website carries out encrypted communication by checking that:
• the URL displays an image of a key
• the URL displays “https://” rather than “HTTP:”
You can see the presence of encrypted communication by clicking on the key symbol.

3. Risks
(a) Price Change Risk
The price of virtual currencies fluctuates continuously. Your virtual currency trade or balance could surge or drop suddenly. Please note that unexpected or specific events, including but not limited to changes in the balance of supply and demand; fluctuating prices of commodities, fiat currency, or other markets; natural disasters; wars; changes to laws, regulations, statutes, and governments; and changes to virtual currencies may
cause drastic price fluctuations that can cause orders to fail to be fulfilled or transact as intended. The value of virtual currencies fluctuates continuously, and your balance could surge or drop suddenly. There is also a possibility that the price of virtual currencies could drop to zero.

(b) Bankruptcy Risk
There is a risk that we cannot continue our business due to events such as changes in the external environment. In the case that we cannot keep our company, all processes including the treatment of customers’ assets shall be done according to insolvency law, corporation law, corporate rehabilitation law, civil rehabilitation law and other related laws.

(c) Risks related to currency trading and use
This currency is not planned or sold as securities or financial products. Therefore, not all information concerning transactions is intended to form investment decisions, and for any loss or damage arising from acts that occur based on errors, inaccuracies, etc. of this information It is not responsible.

4. Disclaimer
The applicant shall not give any damage to the operator and all persons involved in the company and transactions in the transaction or use of this currency or the performance of the responsibility or obligation based on these terms of use. Besides, this currency is traded without any warranty, neither expressing nor guaranteeing that the reliability and accuracy of this currency will be modified in the future. We are not liable for damage arising from the transaction or use of this currency.

5. Other
(a) Money Laundering
Following the Prevention of Money Laundering Regulations 1994 you acknowledge that if during the course, a suspicion of a crime (including
but not an exclusively fiscal corruption) is encountered, we are required to report this directly to responsible authority without prior reference to yourselves
Or your representatives. It should be noted that due to this legislation, your right to confidentiality is waived to the extent of such reporting.

(b) Data Protection Act
To discharge the Services under this Agreement and for any related services, we may obtain, use, process and disclose personal data about
yourselves. We shall not be liable for any data transmitted, divulged or used by third parties who have obtained such information from us as per
legal requirement or in connection with our Services. To the extent permitted by applicable rules and laws, you agree that the Firm may monitor
electronic communication to ensure quality and firm policy is being adhered to.

(c) Applicable law
This Letter shall be governed by, and construed following the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out
of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled by arbitration, by one arbitrator, following
Part IV (Domestic Arbitration) of the Singapore Arbitration Act and the Arta Arbitration Centre as at present in force. The award
shall be subject to the Appellate jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.

(d) Agreement of terms
Once it has been agreed, this Agreement will remain effective from the date of signature until the Services envisaged are completed, and the client
does not foresee any future collaboration or is superseded by a further document. If either Party wishes to terminate the relationship as governed by
this Agreement, they shall inform such other Party in writing of their intention together with a reason for such termination.

(e) Termination
This engagement is made for an indefinite period. It may be terminated by either party giving thirty (30) days’ notice in writing to the other.

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